CIS Class at MHS

Mahtomedi High School offers eight College in the Schools (CIS) concurrent enrollment course options (see our course catalog on page 8). These free classes are taught in our school and offered through the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University. Our high school teachers teach these classes and undergo a training and approval process. Successful completion results in both high school and college credits for students.

The CIS program at MHS is an opportunity for students to engage in college-level, rigorous coursework right on our campus. It eliminates the need for commuting or dealing with large lecture halls, allowing students to continue learning within their peer community and obtain a personalized rigorous experience. A testament to this is the experience of Lauren Mitchell, a class of 2024 student and a participant in the CIS Physics class. She shared, “CIS classes are a good foundation for what a college class might be like and the learning environment.” Such success stories are not uncommon in our CIS program, with many students appreciating the challenge it offers and the opportunity to think and learn in new ways. 

One example of how CIS offerings are making impactful learning experiences for our students and we are leading in the field of education in Minnesota, is through our world language CIS offerings. Through CIS, we offer Spanish 4 & 5, French 4, and American Sign Language 3 & 4. Recently both our Spanish and French CIS classes have had MHS alumni return to share with students the impact of their world language learning experience on their current lives, including employment and study abroad opportunities. I also want to highlight the work of Ms. Ann Garry, Spanish teacher at MHS and her impact on students in the CIS program. She holds students to high standards and builds strong relationships, encouraging learners to develop their Spanish language skills at MHS and beyond. Under her leadership, over 50 MHS Class of 2024 students have successfully completed the highest level of Spanish and passed the Language Proficiency Exam. This is an incredible achievement and is something very unique for a high school of our size.

The CIS program is a great opportunity for MHS students to explore college-level courses in a personalized environment right here on our campus. We are grateful for the leadership and continued pursuit by our educators to ensure students have several options to explore their academic interests and find personal success. 
In partnership,
Principal Justin Hahn

This Principal's Spotlight on Learning originally appeared in the MHS eNewsletter on May 30, 2024.