Mahtomedi Public Schools at a Glance

Excellence Experienced Every Day

Lifelong Learners

We are active learners who approach each experience as an opportunity to discover and explore in order to grow and thrive.

Getting Involved

There are opportunities in excellence for all students! Our programming is focused on student interests, passions, and future-focused learning.

Excellent Staff

Our staff is qualified and caring. We believe integrity is critical to trusting relationships and strive to build opportunities for students and staff to engage, partner, and learn together.


MMS Principal

"I value the opportunity I have in this position to create a positive experience and provide support for students. I am committed to developing curious and confident leaders in a learning environment that celebrates every student."

- Lucas Riesgraf, Associate Principal, MMS

Dave Wald Mahtomedi High School Teacher of the Year

“After thirty years at Mahtomedi, I feel like I’ve given a lot, but I’ve most certainly gotten more from the community back. It’s a great community and I’m so happy to be here.”

- Dave Wald Mahtomedi Teacher of the Year 2022-23

first grade

“Deanna Laue is simply outstanding! She teaches her students with the best integrity and heart. I am so impressed with her knowledge of dyslexia and how to better teach all students how to read and write, which is not easy."

- Deanna Laue, teacher, Wildwood Elementary School