Mahtomedi Middle School Students

This year, Mahtomedi Middle School launched a new schedule with new impactful learning opportunities for students. This new schedule was a unique experience for our staff to do personal learning as educators and work in collaboration to address the unique needs of middle school learners. The new schedule includes the following new classes and educator collaboration: 

  • Middle School Success: Coursework that addresses the developmental needs of an adolescent (social, emotional, and academic) 

  • Art: New courses that align with the state requirements in art

  • Literacy Grade 6: Coursework that provides direct instruction in the development of literacy skills specific to informational text (learning how to read to gather information)

  • Communications Grade 7: Coursework that provides direct instruction in communication skills and digital awareness

  • Educator Collaboration: Dedicated meeting time for teachers to collaborate and discuss the needs of their shared students

Teachers across the school have shown their commitment to being lifelong learners as they developed or adapted materials to meet the needs of their students in these new schedule offerings. Our teachers are committed to educating the whole child, instructing not only in their academic area of expertise but also helping to develop essential learning skills such as organization, time management, preparedness, and collaboration. 

Through the exploration of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) resources, teachers have learned about and tried different teaching strategies, designed thought-provoking lessons, and encouraged collaborative learning opportunities for students. Our focus during professional development has allowed teachers time to learn together (and from each other) and reflect on implementation successes and room for growth. We are grateful for their dedication to providing exceptional learning opportunities and continuous improvement, this commitment reflects their leadership and setting the standard in providing an excellent education to our middle school students.  

Principal Jackie Collins

This Principal's Spotlight on Learning originally appeared in the MMS eNewsletter on May 30, 2024.