Spanish 5 Mahtomedi

51 Mahtomedi High School Spanish 5 students (48 Class of 2024 students) recently received a certificate of recognition for passage of the Spanish Language Proficiency exam and successfully completing all levels of Spanish offered at Mahtomedi Public Schools. Ms. Ann Garry, Spanish teacher at Mahtomedi High School, shared this about the students’ recognition: “I am very proud of these students and their dedication to our Spanish program!”  

Mahtomedi High School offers eight College in the Schools (CIS) concurrent enrollment course options (MHS Spanish 4 and 5 are CIS courses). These free classes are taught in our school and offered through the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University. Our high school teachers teach these classes and undergo a training and approval process. Successful completion results in both high school and college credits for students. These Spanish students will leave Mahtomedi High School with 10 credits from the University of Minnesota. 

Mahtomedi High School Principal Justin Hahn shared this, “Ann Garry holds students to high standards and builds strong relationships, encouraging learners to develop their Spanish language skills at MHS and beyond. Under her leadership, over 50 MHS Class of 2024 students have successfully completed the highest level of Spanish and passed the Language Proficiency Exam. This is an incredible achievement and is something very unique for a high school of our size.”

Spanish 5 students Mahtomedi