Congratulations to the Mahtomedi High School Esports team on an outstanding performance at the State Championship! 

Mahtomedi took home second place in Minecraft Bedwars 4v4, third place in Chess, and are the season champions in Club Mario Kart 2v2. The Esports team also won many individual awards!

Mahtomedi’s Esports team is a competitive scholastic sport involving electronics and gaming. They compete against 80 other high schools and 2,000 individuals through the Minnesota Varsity League (MNVL). 

Reaching the State Championship is no easy feat. It requires being in the top 16 in MVL based on wins (MNVL is the biggest chess league in Minnesota). Team member Malachi Lim shared this, “For me I enjoy connecting with friends that enjoy the same things I do. There's something that hits different about playing your favorite game as a team. Esports is more than just playing games, it's competitive”

Congratulations to our eSports State Competitors!
Minecraft Bedwars 4v4 
Bodhi Ziemann (Class of 2025)
Taelin Richmond (Class of 2026)
Jackson Stout (Class of 2026)
Malachi Lim (Class of 2026) 12th place Smash Bros
Kai Schwartz(Class of 2026)
Wilder Bourdaghs(Class of 2026)

Noah House (Class of 2025) 3rd place
Will Bruentrup (Class of 2024) 8th place
Jerrick Brown (Class of 2026) 7th place
Malaki Lim (Class of 2026) 16th place
Evan Northrup (Class of 2026) 10th place
Isaac Tilsen (Class of 2025)