O.H. Anderson Elementary At a Glance

Through our holistic, community approach, we prepare confident learners to thrive.


We are a collaborative community! Whether it is in a morning meeting, or in group work, our students learn how to work together towards common goals.

Personal Success

Students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to use their unique strengths in and out of the classroom.

Great Teachers

Our teachers set the tone! Our staff are experts in the field of education, dedicated to personalizing and maximizing learning for every student.


Nick Merges, Fourth-Grade Teacher , OHA

"Nick Merges is an outstanding educator who brings real-life experiences to his teaching. Students learn to love learning from him and are excited to share what they have learned with others.”

- Nick Merges, Fourth-Grade Teacher

Maren Hanson, third-grade teacher

"Not only does she want her classroom to feel like a safe place to learn, she nurtures relationships with students after they have moved on from her classroom and continues to take interest in them."

- Maren Hanson, Third-Grade Teacher

Robert Pontious, music teacher at O.H. Anderson

“My daughter has never come home talking about how much she loves music until this year with Mr. Pontious. She loves being in his class and can't wait to tell us about the musician they learned about each week when she comes home from school on music day."

- Robert Pontious, Music Teacher