World's Best Workforce

The World's Best Workforce (WBWF) was developed in 2013 (Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.11) to ensure that school districts and charter schools in Minnesota enhance student achievement through teaching and learning supports. School boards that govern districts and charter schools are required to develop comprehensive, long-term strategic plans that address the following five WBWF goals:

  • All children are ready for school.

  • All third-graders can read at grade level.

  • All racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed.

  • All students are ready for career and college.

  • All students graduate from high school.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Education to learn more about Worlds' Best Workforce.

To view our district's World's Best Workforce reports, click on the links below. Each will bring you to a separate page sharing the infographic and supplementary information for each of our goals. Each October, a report about the prior school year is shared in an open meeting prior to a school board meeting.

2022-2023 (presented October 26, 2023)

2021-2022 (presented October 27, 2022)

2020-2021 (presented October 28, 2021)