Data and Assessment

Welcome to the Data and Assessment page for Mahtomedi Public Schools. 

To visualize a full picture of performance and excellence, it is essential to look at multiple data points rather than one ranking or one assessment.

Data Images

  • Satellite-Level Data (this is often once-a-year data that gives a snapshot of our system performance and indicates the degree to which our curriculum aligns with standards).  The following measures serve as examples of satellite-level data:

    • Graduation Rates

    • Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs)

    • ACT

    • AP Scores

    • Participation in AP and CIS coursework

    • Annual scholarly distinctions (for example, AP scholars, National Merit Scholars)

  • Map-Level Data (this data helps us to narrow our focus on skill gaps and points us in a slightly more focused direction than satellite-level data). The following measures serve as examples of map-level data: school or grade-level data like Fastbridge and NWEA/ MAP scores, SAEBRS, secondary grades, attendance.

  • Street-Level Data (this type of data provides the most vivid picture of student success while being the most challenging to communicate systemically). The following measures serve as examples of street-level data: classroom data, success stories, intervention.