We care about your child's special dietary needs

We will provide special dietary requests for students with food allergies and/or other dietary restrictions.  In accordance with federal USDA regulations, the Special Diet Statement Form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian as well as the child's licensed physician before any accommodations are made.

Mahtomedi Area Schools Nutrition Services adhere to specific regulations to accommodate special diet for students.  USDA regulations, 7CFR, Part 15b, require substitutions or modifications in school meals for children whose disabilities restrict their diets.  A child with a disability must be provided food substitutions when a special diet statement is signed by a recognized medical authority which includes a licensed physician, physician assistant or advanced practice nurse.  Under the American's with Disabilities Act, anything that substantially limits a major life activity constitutes a disability.  A food allergy does not need to be life threatening to be considered a disability.

Our Nutrition Services Team will:
  • Provide allergen and nutrition information on SchoolCafe for menued food items.
  • Provide all managers with Allergen Training to better understand the importance of cleaning, sanitizing and preventing cross contamination in preparation and service areas.  Nutrition services staff are trained in proper food handling techniques as well.
  • Recognize the importance of communication with teachers, parents, health aides, paraprofessionals and school administrators to better manage the dietary needs of students.
Please contact Amie Barr MS, RDN, LD at 651-351-8327 or for questions regarding special diet needs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Mahtomedi School District, the unified community of courageous hearts and curious minds dedicated to inspiring personal excellence, is to ensure that each student is a bold agent of learning who successfully pursues their passions while advancing the greater good, through a vital system distinguished by:

  • environments that inspire curiosity
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  • teaching and learning that imparts a global view
  • culture of empathy that empowers the whole person

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