During the mandatory school closure, Mahtomedi Public Schools will provide childcare for enrolled Pre-Kindergarten through age 12 children in our district of “emergency workers critical to the State’s response to COVID-19.”


At this time, we are providing care for Tier I and Tier II emergency workers critical to the State’s response to COVID-19 as defined by the state of Minnesota (click here for the full list) on days where they are required to work.


To protect the public's health and slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19, we are asking those who are able to have their child(ren) stay home (i.e., not working, working from home, etc.) to do so.


All requests for care, please email Jamie O'Hara at .

Include in the email:

  1. Copy/photo of your employee badge
  2. Letter from your employer identifying you as a TIER I or TIER II worker critical to the State's response to COVID-19
  3. Child(ren)'s name, grade, and teacher

Once we confirm that you qualify as an essential worker, we will send out an eForm to sign up for care. Please note that we ask you to request care for dates that no one is at home to provide care (i.e. not scheduled to work, working from home, etc.).


1. Childcare is taking place at Wildwood Elementary from 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Normal School Hours 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM). We do not have staff on site prior to the listed care hours, so please do not drop off prior to 7AM or pick up after 4:30PM.

2. A staff member will be at the front door to check in and out your child each day. Please wait in the foyer and do NOT enter the building. A nurse will also be present to check temperatures of everyone coming into the building. Please read the Family Letter: Health Requirements.

3. Breakfast and Lunch is being provided by food service at no charge. If your child doesn't want the provided food they are more than welcome to bring their own, however, we have no refrigeration or heating capabilities. A PM snack is being provided by the Mahtomedi Adventure Club.

4. As the shutdown progresses an additional registration link will be sent out sometime next week so we are aware of your care needs.