During the 2018-19 school year, Mahtomedi Public Schools had six days where it closed for snow or cold weather. We heard from families and staff that they wanted us to explore the use of e-Learning days. We began the conversation with our teachers over the summer of 2019 and went to the School Board on September 26 to receive their support to begin the process of communicating with families and working with stakeholders on e-Learning plans in each of our buildings.

At the September 26 school board meeting the Mahtomedi School Board took the first step in authorizing our district to hold e-Learning days. The Mahtomedi School Board approved the use of up to five days of e-Learning for inclement weather, with the option of not utilizing all five days based on staff, student, and family feedback during the 2019-20 school year.

Our school district will begin using e-Learning days during the 2019-20 school year. We intend to use e-Learning days immediately with our first emergency weather closing. Specific information about e-Learning Day plans for each school can be found below or by clicking the link on the left-hand side of this page.

Wildwood Elementary e-Learning Days Plan
O.H. Anderson e-Learning Days Plan
Mahtomedi Middle School e-Learning Days Plan
Mahtomedi High School e-Learning Days Plan
Passages Transition Program e-Learning Days Plan

About e-Learning Days

  • e-Learning Days allow our students to work from home, avoiding potentially dangerous commutes, and allow them to work in a safe, warm environment when the weather is unforgiving.
  • e-Learning Days are intended to counter the loss of curriculum momentum resulting from school cancellations due to Minnesota’s winter weather.
  • e-Learning Days cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, but it can provide better continuity when school is interrupted.
  • e-Learning Days can also negate the need for makeup school days during breaks or in June, helping families more effectively plan summer activities.

Announcing and Facilitating e-Learning Days (ELD)

  • Families of students will receive notification of the impending ELD, along with our typical announcements regarding inclement weather days.
  • Teachers will communicate learning activities for the students in the courses that would have met that day.
  • Teachers will be online and accessible by phone during regular school hours to provide support for student learning.
  • Accommodations will be made for students with special needs and for students who do not have access to the internet.

e-Learning Expectations Different by Grade Level
Students build academic stamina and persistence with practice as they mature, and expectations for students to complete activities in an independent context will increase as they grow older. A positive outcome of an e-Learning day is student practice with self-direction.

For an e-Learning day, teachers will communicate the anticipated time requirements for an assignment and in the elementary grades will include choice and flexibility for families.

Next Steps
Our educators and administrators will now develop common expectations and communications protocols for our buildings and grades. Each building will also determine how attendance will be taken. When the planning work is complete, families and students will be notified regarding the e-Learning common expectations, as well as the communication and attendance protocols.

We live in a world in which learning can happen anywhere at any time. When school is shut down for a weather emergency or other reason, learning does not need to cease. In addition, having students develop greater capacity and skills for continuing their learning away from school is terrific preparation for living in the digital world. We are excited to try e-Learning days and we know that trying something new demands time for learning and exploring what works for our district. Thank you for your partnership.

Our Mission

The mission of the Mahtomedi School District, the unified community of courageous hearts and curious minds dedicated to inspiring personal excellence, is to ensure that each student is a bold agent of learning who successfully pursues their passions while advancing the greater good, through a vital system distinguished by:

  • environments that inspire curiosity
  • an inclusive learning community
  • an array of exceptional learning experiences
  • teaching and learning that imparts a global view
  • culture of empathy that empowers the whole person

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