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Pre-Employment Criminal Background Check

The primary concern of Mahtomedi Public Schools is to offer the students of the district a meaningful and safe educational experience. To assist in achieving this goal, the District requires that individuals seeking employment or volunteer opportunities undergo a criminal background check.

Your completed form must be accompanied by a payment for $12.00 online.  This covers only a portion of the cost of the background check.

As the subject of the background check, you have the following rights:
  • To be informed that a background check is being requested about you for the purpose of employment, or purpose of volunteering, by Mahtomedi Public Schools/Independent School District No. 832.
  • To be informed that a background check is being requested to determine whether you have been convicted of any crimes listed on the informed consent form.
  • To be notified by Trusted Employees of the response to the background check and of your right to request a copy of the background check report.
  • To obtain from Trusted Employees any record that forms the basis for the background check report and to challenge the accuracy or completeness of the information.
  • To be informed by the district if your contingent offer of employment has been denied because of the background check.
There are three ways to complete the pre-employment background check
  1. OnlineClick here to complete the form and pay the $12 fee online
  2. Printable formClick here to download and print the pre-employment background check form, complete it, and drop it off at the District Education Center with a check for $12 made out to “Mahtomedi Public Schools”.
  3. Forms are also available at the District Education Center.

You will receive a confirmation email once your background check result is complete.  Please note:  the online form also includes an option to request a copy of their own report.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to maintain a safe and secure educational environment for our students as ISD 832.

Contact: Human Resources
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