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What is Digital Citizenship?
Digital Citizenship is the concept of practicing safe and effective internet usage. In the same way that it is important to be a good citizen in the real world, it is equally important that we are good citizens in our digital world. In a school setting, this means educating our students/children on the proper ways to handle ourselves and our internet activity.

Tell me more about this!
There are nine main components of Digital Citizenship:
     1. Access - Do our students have fair, equitable access to technology and internet?
     2. Commerce - Awareness of intelligent e-buying / e-selling of goods (being a smart digital consumer).
     3. Digital Communication - Appropriate internet usage and etiquette when communicating with others.
     4. Digital Literacy - Knowing what tools exist, and how to best use them.
     5. Digital Etiquette - The ability to show respect and empathy, regardless of context. 
     6. Digital Law - Assuming full responsibility for online actions (such as copyright infringements).
     7. Digital Rights and Responsibility - freedoms (citizenship) extended to all users.
     8. Digital Health/Wellness - Well-being in a digital setting.
     9. Digital Security - Taking necessary precautions to remain secure at all times.

What does this mean for me and my student(s)?

There are a few essential tactics we can teach students, staff and parents of Mahtomedi Public Schools in order to create responsible digital citizens:
     -Create strong passwords! There is a big security difference between "Th1s15myPa55w0rd!" and "12345"
     -THINK BEFORE YOU POST! If there is any doubt about posting content online -- don't post it! Be aware of who will see what you post and how that information can be easily shared with many users.

     -Check your privacy settings. Are you using Google SafeSearch? Is your workspace secure after you are finished using it? Is all confidential information safe and secure?
     -Digital footprint. Think about what you or your students may have already posted online. Is that content an appropriate and true representation of your real self? Delete anything that isn't. You don't know who will come across things you post and use it for their personal gain.

Remember -- the internet is a great tool and one of our primary ways of getting jobs done, learning new things and sharing information with millions of other users world-wide! As long as we can ensure our personal information remains secure, along with showing respect towards others in a digital setting, we will continue making the internet our great digital society that benefits everyone.

How can I learn more about Digital Citizenship?
We recommend that you check out these links:
     International Society for Technology Education
     Digital Citizenship - Common Sense Media
     What Students Need to Know About Digital Citizenship - Edutopia


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