Mahtomedi offers information to teachers about free programs that can complement classroom curricula, and websites that may be of interest in curriculum planning.  For more information on these programs, go directly to the organization's website, listed at the bottom of each description. Check back periodically as new information will be added as it becomes available.


BESTPREP CLASSROOM:  For grades 6-12.  A free program that coordinates volunteer speakers, tours, and mock interviews to bring a variety of careers to the classroom.  Promotes critical thinking, leadership development, public speaking, and career development.
BestPrep Classroom

BESTPREP E-MENTORS:  For grades 9-12.   A free program offering students the opportunity to connect via email with professionals in a variety of careers.  Promotes understanding of career options, technology experience, and leadership development.
BestPrep Ementors

LIFESMARTS:  For grades 9-12.  A free program offering teens the opportunity to evaluate risks and rewards in the areas of finance, consumerism, personal health and safety, technology, and the environment.  Promotes critical thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving.


AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION:  Under the Awards tab, find lists of award winning books from Newberry, Caldecott, and dozens of others.

INCIDENTAL COMICS:  For grades 9-12.  A resource for teaching about graphic novels.  Mostly blog entries, many pictures.
Incidental Comics

JOURNALISM JOBS:  For grades 9-12.  An actual job board, but well organized, and helps students see the wide variety of ways writing can be used to earn income (beyond writing a best-seller).
Journalism Jobs

LANGUAGE IS A VIRUS:  For grades 6-12.  Loaded with resources, this website has articles, writing prompts, text generators, writing games, poetry, and more.
Language Virus

POETRY FOUNDATION:  For grades K-12.  Website includes hundreds of poems.  Search by topic, poet, or student age level.
Poetry Foundation

POETS.ORG: ; For grades K-12.  A collection of over 7500 poems.  Search by author or poem.  Resources for teachers.

READERS THEATER:  For grades K-8.  Dozens of scripts that can be printed out.  Website does not list reading level for the scripts so teachers must judge.

SIX WORD MEMOIRS:  For grades K-12.  With special tabs for schools and another for teens.
Six Words

TVTROPES:  For grades 9-12, possibly younger with teacher review.  Explores the marketing science/writing behind popular pop culture tropes.

WRITING PROMPTS on TUMBLR:  For grades 6-12.  Curated by a 9th grade English teacher, this website offers dozens of writing prompts to spark students' interest.
Writing Prompts

YOUNG WRITERS SOCIETY:  For grades 6-12.  E
ncourages young writers 13 and up to share their poetry, short stories and novel chapters, as well as discussion forum.
Young Writers


CLOTHESLINE MATH: For grades K-12.  Do with a real clothesline or on whiteboards.  Blog includes general teaching ideas as welll as number-sets all the way from simple benchmarks through algebra and geometry.
Clothesline Math

ESTIMATION CLIPBOARD: For grades K-8.  Color photos that encourage a high level of discussion and estimation skills.  Great to add to smartboard lessons.
Estimation Clipboard.

ESTIMATION 180: For grades K-8.  Color photos that encourage a high level of discussion and estimation skills.

GRAHAM FLETCHER:  For grades K-8.  Three-act tasks, fresh ideas, and more.  All with information about which standards are addressed.

MASHUP MATH:  For grades K-8.  A variety of practice worksheets as well as printable puzzle pages.
Mashup Math

NUMBER TALK IMAGES:  For grades K-8.  Use pictures to promote discussion on concepts such as sets, arrays, fractions, and more!  Choose from Points/Dots, Photos, or Suites/Strings.
Number Talks

ROBERT KAPLINSKY:  For grades K-8.  Colorful pictues, each with a series of probing math questions to get students thinking.  Resources tab provides worksheets to guide students' problem solving.
Robert Kaplinsky

SAME BUT DIFFERENT:  For grades K-8.  Colorful pictures and photos to stimulate discussion or serve as the core of an activity/problem.  Categories include early numeracy, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, measurement, place value, fractions/ratios, geometry, and algebra. 
Same but Different

SPLAT: For grades K-8.  Students use reasoning to determine how many dots are under the splat, then can create equations to represent.  Gets increasingly more complex and can be used for higher algebraic equations as well.

THREE ACT MATH:  For grades 6-12.  Short videos that demonstrate complex math concepts.  Can be used as an intro or actual lesson problems.
Three Act Math

TILED AREA QUESTIONS:  For grades K-8.  Great for fractions and/or area. 
Tiled Area

For grades K-12.  Sets of four items (choose from shapes, numbers, or graphs) and let students defend their reasoning on which of the four doesn't belong.  Promotes strong math discussions.

WOULD YOU RATHER MATH:  For grades K-12.  Photos that present a mathematical dilemma for students to defend.  Difficulty level broken down by grade level.
Would You Rather

YOUCUBED:  For grades K-12.  A website based on the research of Jo Boaler.  Research, videos, activities, and more.

CALENDARS in the CLASSROOM:  For grades K-5.  A free program offering an informational video and complementary workshop based on the MN Weatherguide Calendar.  Promotes critical thinking, creativity, environmental stewardship, and global citizenship.
Classroom Calendar

H2O for LIFE:  For grades K-12.  A free service-learning opportunity that helps raise students' awareness of the global water crisis, sanitation, and hygiene.  Promotes environmental stewardship, global citizenship, leadership, and teamwork.
H2O for Life

U.S. CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD:  For grades 9-12.  A free multi-tiered competition sponsored by the American Chemical Society.  Promotes problem-solving, math and chemistry skills.
US Chemistry Olympiad


BESTPREP FINANCIAL MATTERS:  For grades 6-12.  A free program that equios students with sound money management skills through work with industry professionals.  Guest speakers may be an option.   Promotes critical thinking, time/money management, and financial literacy.
BestPrep Financial

CLASSROOM CONNECTION:  For grades K-5.  A free interactive program that brings international volunteers to the classroom.  Promotes critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and global citizenship.
Classroom Connection


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