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It is vitally important to understand the viewpoints of the people whom Mahtomedi Public Schools practices and policies will impact the most. As a parent, student, staff member, and/or community member, you are invited to use the following online form to submit suggestions, questions, compliments, or any other constructive comments you would like to send to school district staff. If a reply is requested you will receive a response within two business days. Thank you for taking the time to contribute your feedback.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Mahtomedi School District, the unified community of courageous hearts and curious minds dedicated to inspiring personal excellence, is to ensure that each student is a bold agent of learning who successfully pursues their passions while advancing the greater good, through a vital system distinguished by:

  • environments that inspire curiosity
  • an inclusive learning community
  • an array of exceptional learning experiences
  • teaching and learning that imparts a global view
  • culture of empathy that empowers the whole person

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