Welcome to Mahtomedi Health Services
The roles of Mahtomedi Health Office staff are many and varied. School nursing is recognized as a specialized nursing practice that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement of students. We help students and their families navigate the education day while taking into account the health needs of each student. Advocating for and teaching good health-fostering habits assist our students to become productive and healthy adults.

Meet the Health Service Staff

Licensed School Nurse, Mahtomedi District
Megan McMahon 
BSN, RN, PHN, Licensed School Nurse (LSN)

Phone 651-407-2169
Fax 651-407-2125

Mahtomedi High School
Brooke Hemenway BSN, RN

Phone 651-762-5852
Fax 651-762-5850

Mahtomedi Middle School
Sheila Gutmann BSN, RN, PHN

Phone 651-407-2216
Fax 651-407-2225

O.H. Anderson Elementary
Marcia Senkler RN

Phone 651-407-2335
Fax 651-407-2325

Wildwood Elementary
Renee Vadnais RN

Phone 651-407-2104
Fax 651-407-2125

St Jude of the Lake
Amie Richard, Health Paraprofessional

Phone 651-426-2562 x243
Fax 651-653-3662

Licensed School Nurses (LSN)
Mahtomedi has one full-time LSN that is assigned to our school district and one part-time LSN assigned to the high school and middle school. The amount of time spent at each school varies depending on the number of students enrolled, the specialized health procedures required by the students, and the number of students receiving Special Education.

School nurses are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education. A bachelor's degree in Nursing with Registered Nurse licensure and Public Health Nursing Certification is required to obtain a school nurse license.

The responsibilities of the District Nurse include:
  • Develop and supervise a system of first aid, illness management, emergency care and health related guidelines
  • Assess, plan and document for those students with acute and/or chronic health conditions
  • Coordinate vision and hearing screening and do follow-up with referrals
  • Serve as a resource to staff, students, and families regarding health concerns and health education
  • Coordinate prevention and control of communicable diseases
  • Provide guidance, delegation and supervision of Registered Nurses and Health Paraprofessionals
  • Special Education Team Member

Registered Nurses (RN)
RN staff assist the LSN in implementing and achieving the goals of school nursing and are able to provide daily skilled nursing care for students during the school day.

Health Para-Professionals (HP)
Health Paras assist the LSN in implementing and achieving the goals of school nursing in our schools daily. They care for ill and injured students and carry out delegated nursing activities under LSN supervision