ISD 832 Gifted and Talented Services
Program Overview


Our Vision:

Engage, Challenge, and Inspire All Students
to Create Opportunities for Themselves and Others

Our Goal:

To appropriately challenge all learners 
with a Levels of Service Model  


Definition of Levels of Service Model

  • Level I:   Services for ALL students to provide foundational skills and tools, and build personal strengths and talents.
  • Level II:  Services for MANY students to further investigate the curriculum and personal interest through choice activities.
  • Level III:  Services for SOME students may involve more formalized supports for those who are struggling, need additional help, or need additional challenge in the form of alternative curriculum or placement.
  • Level IV:  Services for a FEW students respond to the unique needs of individual students who have outstanding abilities and also may include students who also have documented need for support services.

Identifying Students
for Alternative Curriculum and/or Placement:

Although a variety of assessments start in the early grades, formal identification does not occur until third grade or later.  The district looks for students who consistently score 98% or above on multiple  nationally-normed assessments over an extended period of time.

The Process

Various standardized assessments are given to students over several years that provide us with data on each student's strengths.  These include the aFAST, CogAT, MCAs, and others.  

For students scoring in the top few percent, pre-assessment of the next grade's standards as an additional data point may be considered.

Formative and summative assessment data, and teacher input may also be considered. 

Students consistently scoring in the 98th and 99th percentiles across all assessments will be identified and may be considered for alternative placements.    

Communication of a student's eligibility to receive alternative placement or services will be sent to families in the spring of the student's 3rd grade year (or later if the student is evaluated later). 

Students who score high, but not in the 98th percentile will still have their academic needs met through differentiation and enrichment.  Our goal is to appropriately challenge each student at their learning level.

Questions? Please contact:

Brenda Begley, k-12 Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Services
O. H. Anderson Elementary School
666 South Warner Avenue, Mahtomedi, MN  55115-6882
Fax: 651-407-2325 

Contact: Brenda Begley
Our Mission

The mission of the Mahtomedi School District, the unified community of courageous hearts and curious minds dedicated to inspiring personal excellence, is to ensure that each student is a bold agent of learning who successfully pursues their passions while advancing the greater good, through a vital system distinguished by:

  • environments that inspire curiosity
  • an inclusive learning community
  • an array of exceptional learning experiences
  • teaching and learning that imparts a global view
  • culture of empathy that empowers the whole person

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