School Board Strategic Plan

Mahtomedi Public Schools will provide a learning community in which all students can learn, thrive, and succeed in a global society. 

Engage, challenge, and inspire all students to create opportunities for themselves and others.

Belief statements
Quality public education is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

Education is a shared responsibility between students, families, educators, and community members.

Everyone has the right to a safe learning environment.

A learning community must respect, respond to, and celebrate each student’s unique needs, interests, and talents.

Educators must continually learn, grow, and innovate to improve student learning. 

Integrity, civility, collaboration, and service are essential to responsible citizenship.

The diversity of our students and families enriches our schools and community through the addition of new ideas, perspectives, and cultures.

The school environment will positively influence student and staff health and wellness.

Our schools and community will practice sustainable, responsible, and environmental stewardship of resources.